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August 19

by Carina Delgadillo

(Cloud awoke at 10:00. He put on some clothes, looked in the mirror and made his way to the kitchen. He saw Tifa, Aeris, Barret and, Red XIII sitting and eating breakfast.)

Cloud: Good morning .

Tifa: Ditto.

Barret: What are you so happy about?

Cloud: Today is a special day.

Aeris: I don't remember anything special happening today.

Cloud: Really?

Everyone: Really.

Tifa: Sit down and eat.

Aeris: After your done, Tifa and I are taking you out.

Cloud: All right.

(Cloud finished eating then Tifa and Aeris dragged him out the door. On their way out, they bumped into Cid who just came back from the store.)

Cloud: Hey, Cid what do you got there?

Cid: Uh...nothing.

Tifa: Leave Cid alone.

Cloud: Ok. Where are you taking me anyway?

Aeris: We're taking you shopping.

Cloud: No! Anything but shopping!

Cid: Take the Highwind.

Tifa: Thanks Cid.

Cloud: I don't wanna go shopping.

Aeris: Be quiet Cloud, or we'll make you ride in the cart.

(Aeris and Tifa dragged Cloud to the Highwind with Cloud, kicking and whining the whole way. Cid slipped inside and started unloading the things he had in his bags.)

Cid: They're gone! Everone start...Wait. Where's Vincent, Yuffie and Cait Sith?

Barret: They're still asleep.

Cid: Well, someone wake them up! We only have 3 hours to get ready.

Red XIII: No way! I'm not waking them up.

Barret: Yeah, you wake them up.

Cid: Fine, I will!

(Cid walked into the room where Yuffie and Vincent slept soundly while Cait Sith charged in the corner.)

Cid: Rise and shine, you sleepy dick monkeys!

(Suddenly, Yuffie's Super Shuriken flew across the room and stuck in the wall right next to Cid's head. Cid slammed the door and ran back to the kitchen.)

Barret: You see why we didn't want to wake them up.

(A few seconds later Yuffie & Vincent came out looking tired.)

Cid: Top of the morning to ya!

Yuffie & Vincent: Shut UP.

Cid: Well, we have to get started.

Vincent: I'll do the streamers.

Yuffie & Barret: We'll do other decorations.

Red XIII: Ok then I'll call Sephiroth. What are you going to do Cid?

Cid: I'm going to make the cake.

(They began putting up decorations. Cid was in the kitchen making the cake, and since he didn't know what he was doing so he threw whatever he could find in the batter. Red XIII went in the back room and started looking through the Roledex for Sephiroth's phone number. He finds the number and dials it quickly. It rings about seven times then a tired Sephiroth answers the phone.)

Sephiroth: Hello?

Red XIII: Sephiroth?

Sephiroth: Yeah. What?

Red XIII: You need to come over for Cloud's suprise party.

Sephiroth: Oh yeah...I almost forgot. I'll be right over.

(He hung up the phone. Red grabbed his present for Cloud and took it into the living room.)

Red XIII: Can someone wrap this for me?

Yuffie: Sure, what is it?

Red XIII: It's a clock from me and grandpa BugenHagen.

Vincent: I got him a year's supply of hair gel.

Barret: Thats what I got him. Oh well. He'll have enough hair gel for two years.

Yuffie: I got him a hair care packege.

Cid: I'm making him a cake, that's my "$%@#ing" preasent.

Red XIII: I think we all know what Aeris is giving him.

Barret: Yeah. They ain't getting no sleep tonight!

(The doorbell rang. It was Sephiroth. He was carrying a big book-shaped present. Yuffie finished wrapping Red XIII's present for Cloud.)

Vincent: Sephy, you made it.

Sephiroth: Yes, and don't call me that!

Red XIII: What did you get Cloud?

Sephiroth: It's the Big Book of How to Take Care of Your Hair.

Yuffie: Cool.

Cid: Done!

(Cid held up what kind of looked like a cake.)

Sephiroth: What the hell is that thing?

Cid: It's Cloud's cake! You got a problem with that!?

Vincent: That does not look like a cake.

Red XIII: I have to agree with him.

Yuffie: Hey, it only has eight candles!

Cid: Well to hell with all of ya! I don't have enough time to make another god damn CAKE!!!!!!

Vincent: Cid...shut up.

Cid: Hey!! First you little dickwads insult my cake, and now you're tellin' me to shut my yap for gettin' mad about it!!! Why, if any one else had gotten angry...

Sephiroth: Okay, okay! Just write "Happy Birthday Cloud" on it and help us with the decorations.

(Cid took his cake back into the kitchen and began writting on the cake. Sephiroth and the others finished putting up the rest of the decorations. They all heard the Highwind.)

Cid: Sh*t! they're home early!

Vincent: Everone hide!

(They all dove behind the couch and chairs. Cid hid in the hallway with a deflated looking cake. Cloud comes in the door, and everyone jumps out and yells "SUPRISE!".)

Cloud: Wha....what? Awwwww, you guys remembered.

Cid: You three weren't supposed to be back for another two hours!

Aeris: Cloud was being mean.

Tifa: Yeah, he threatend to cut up our credit cards.

Vincent: Oh well. No matter. Now open your presents and eat the cake.

Cloud: Okay.

(Cloud sat down and took Red XIII's present. He tore it open.)

Cloud: Thank you Red XIII. I've always needed a clock!

(Cloud opened the rest of the presents he was suprised to find so much hair gel. After opening Yuffie's present began to see a pattern he started to look sad.)

Vincent: What's the matter, Cloud?

Cloud: You guys hate my hair...don't you?

Everyone: No, no!

Cloud: Than why did you give all this hair stuff?

Aeris: Because we want you to keep it in good condition!

Cloud: Oh.

Vincent: Cake time!

(Cid set the cake in front of Cloud with the eight candles lit. Something was wrong. Cloud looked at the cake with a puzzled face.)

Cloud (reading the cake): Happy Birthday...Clod?

Red XIII : Good one Cid. You forgot the U.

(Cids face turns red with anger.)

Cid: You people are supposed to be my friends, yet you always have to.......

Everyone: Shut up Cid.

Cid: @#$* all of you people.

(Cid stomps out of the house.)

Tifa : Oh well. Is anyone going to eat the cake?

Cloud : It looks like its poisin.

Aeris: How could you say that Cid is our friend he would never try to kill us............... would he?

Yuffie: I bet he would. He doesn't like any of us.

Aeris: Oh shut up Yuffie, you're the only one he doesn't like.

Yuffie: How rude.

(Yuffie stomps out of the house.)

Sephiroth: Well, I must be going now. It's getting late.

Red XIII: But it's only 6:00!

Sephiroth (whispering to Red XIII): Remember, Aeris still has to give Cloud his present.

Sephiroth: Well, goodbye.

(Red takes all the others ((except Aeris)) outside and says that they'll be back in a few hours.)

Cloud (looking puzzled): They all left.

Aeris: Don't look so sad. I still have to give you my present.

Cloud: Well, what is it?

(Aeris gets up and walks into the bedroom. After a few seconds she calls to him.)

Aeris: Cloud dear, would you come in here please?

Cloud: Coming!

(Aeris is sitting on the bed with a box.)

Aeris: Here.

(Cloud walks over to the bed and opens the box. It contains a very skimpy nightgown.)

Cloud: Aeris, dear, I really don't think I'm going to fit in to this.

Aeris: No, stupid! It's for me to wear for you!

Cloud: Oh.

(Cloud gets up and shuts the door.)

The End.