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by Carina Delgadillo

One day, Cloud Strife & Vincent Valentine were sitting around at 7th Heaven. They were very bored and hungry so they ordered two BLTs and two root beers.

Vincent : You know Cloud, I've been wondering what kind of hairspray do you use? I mean, what hairspray could possible hold all of your hair up in almost a perfect ninety-degree angle?

Cloud : What?. . .Oh, I don't use any hair care products besides shampoo. . . and sometimes conditioner.

Vincent : Are you kidding me? Look at your pincushion head! You can skewer hamsters and other small animals on those spikes!

Cloud : I just don't brush it!

Vincent : At all?

Cloud : At all!

Vincent :..Oh..

(Just then Barret, who had been standing outside the doorway, bursts in with a surprised look on his face.)

Barret : Damn boy! You NEVER brush your hair, or do anything to make it look like that!

Cloud : AAAAGH!!! Where did you come from!?!?!?!?

Vincent (chuckling) : From outside you pinhead.

Cloud : Vince, I know you're just kidding but shut up. You are being a big meanhead."

(Cloud laughs to himself, noticing his choice of words were silly, childish, and had little or no effect on Vincent.)

Vincent : Well Cloud, sticks and stones will break my bones, but stupid insults do nothing to put a dent in my integrity. Therefore, I now proclaim that this uncalled for argument has officially come to a close.

Cloud : Vincent...I couldn't understand a word you just said.

Barret : Ha Ha Ha! You two is funny!

Cloud : SHUT UP!

Vincent : SHUT UP!

Barret : Man, you don't have to be so uptight about everything.

Cloud : Sorry, Barret.

Vincent : Sorry, Barret.


Vincent : sandwich is cold.........