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Missing Scenario #10

by Carina Delgadillo

(One afternoon the AVALANCHE crew was planning a party for no occasion at all. They had made a list of who was going to do what. Cloud was reading the list.)

Cloud: Okay, hereís whatís going on. Tifa, Yuffie, and Barret, you three are gonna put up the decorations.

Yuffie: All right.

Tifa: Yeah, whatever.

Cid: Iíll make the cakes, cookies, and treats.

Cloud: Uh...Cid?

Cid: Yes?

Cloud: Weíre sorry to say this Cid, butÖwe forbid you to make the treats.

Cid: What?!?!?!

Tifa: Well, itís just that...your cooking sucks.

Aeris: Oh, donít be mean. Itís not that bad.

Cid: Thank you Aeris. You are a true friend.

Aeris: Um...yeah...

Cid: Uh...Cloud, I was wondering, well, would you...

(Cloud puts his sword in front of Cidís face menacingly.)

Cloud: Donít even ask. Sheís mine.

Cid: Well, #$@% you, then.

Cloud: (confused) Where was I? Oh yeah...Red XIII, you can come with Aeris and me to get the food.

Red XIII: Cool.

Vincent: Iíll call around and invite people, and also find a disc jockey.

Yuffie: Whatís a disc jockey?

Cloud: Itís a D.J., you idiot.

Yuffie: Oh...well, how was I supposed to know that?

Aeris: Itís an abbreviation.

Yuffie: What?

Cloud: Never mind.

Cid: (to Cloud) Hey, stupid!

Cloud, Yuffie, Tifa, Vincent: What?

Cid: No, the blonde stupid!

Yuffie: Yes?

Cloud: Youíre not blonde. What?

Cid: What am I gonna do?

Cloud: Oh. You and Cait Sith can beÖfacilitators.

Cait Sith: What do they do?

Cloud: They tell people to stay on task and watch the time.

Cid: Okay, everyone get to work!

(Everyone started their jobs. Cid and Cait Sith bossed people around, while Cloud, Aeris, and Red XIII took the Highwind to get supplies. Vincent went and called everyone he could think of and invited them to the party.)

(A few hours later...)

Cloud: All done!

Aeris: Cool! Everything looks great.

Vincent: Everyone should be arriving soon.

Cloud: Letís get ready.

(Everyone came and the party started. There was blasting music and drinks. Tifa sat in the corner looking quite sad. Cid saw her and walked over slowly.)

Cid: (shouting to be heard over the music) Whatís the matter, Tifa?

Tifa: (screaming) I donít have a date!

Cid: Oh, well, neither do I. You wanna go someplace and talk?

Tifa: Sure! We can go to my room!

(The two leave the party unnoticed.)

(In Tifaís room, Tifa and Cid sit on Tifaís bed and begin to talk.)

Tifa: Cid, do you think Iím attractive?

Cid: #@%$ yeah.

Tifa: Well, do you think anyone else thinks the same way?

Cid: Iím sure they do.

Tifa: Then why donít I have a boyfriend?

Cid: I have no clue. (Pause) Do you think Iím attractive?

Tifa: Yeah.

Cid: If you thought I was attractive and I thought the same, how come we both didnít know about it?

Tifa: Good question.

(Cid leans forward and kisses Tifa. Tifa seems surprised but accepts the kiss.)


Cloud: Whereís Tifa?

Aeris: She disappeared.

Cloud: Oh, well. Shall we?

Aeris: Yes.

(Aeris takes Cloudís arm and they ran off to Cloudís room. Everyone had either passed out or gone to bed.)

(The next morningÖ)

Cid: Good morning.

Tifa: Good morning.

Cid: Did we do what I think we did?

Tifa: Yeah. Cool, huh?

Cid: Letís get some breakfastÖwhere are my pants?

Tifa: Over there on the lamp.

Carina or Julia...Click here!!!

Cid: Sorry.

(Tifa and Cid get dressed and open the bedroom door. They find Cloud, Aeris, and Vincent looking stunned.)

Aeris: Oh, dear. Thatís where you two were last night.

Cloud: Who knew?

Vincent: Weird, I had a dream that this happened. Maybe Iím psychic.

Tifa: Yeah, right.

(Cid lights up a cigarette. Tifa walks out of the room, and Cid followed close behind. The five of them walked downstairs and into the kitchen, where they found Barret, Yuffie, Cait Sith, and Red XIII.)

Barret: (To Tifa and Cid) Where were you two last night?

(Tifa sat down and began telling the story of the night before, with a little help from Cid.)

The End.