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shingo's in there somewhere...and this image looks really crappy  on aol, so don't use aol cos aol sucks!!! hey, waitaminnute...i use aol!!! well, then i should know that it sucks, ne??? oh, i have answers for everything!!!

another good name for this section is 'this page.' everything here has to deal with my page, and the reason you're probably here right now is because your sick of my little shrine to shingo and need some refuge a one of those full-blown sailormoon sites. well, here's the place for you!!! of course, i mean no offense to the people who own those i-have-info-on-every-character-except-for-shingo sites, but i'm just sad because they don't seem to like shingo as much as i do!!! ha ha ha!!! so do me a favor, peoples, and put a section on shingo on your own pages, too. (o^o^o <--mog!!! hee hee...)

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