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howdy, and welcome!!! please, enjoy. well, that's certainly what it's here for!!! also, because i have problems and i like maiing shrines to unknown characters. (i.e. osaka naru, cyprine and pikurol, tin get the picture. heh.) well, please don't forget to sign the guestbook!!! sorry, but i have to remind you because so many people do end up forgetting...
also, for your infomation, i did not name this website after the stupid dic episode "brotherly love," which is about saffiru and dimando, not shingo and usagi. so there!!! and this page is 100% dic free. ha!!! i laugh.

p.s. if ya want to add your button link to the pop-up button link page thing, you have to use one of my buttons (or banners) on your own page!!! fair trade, ne??? once you have, please email me your url and things. ^_^ thankies!!!